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How it works

The Discipleship Shape Tool provides time and headspace to reflect upon our own discipleship. We do this by asking questions that might help us see where we need to invest and give attention. This is not a tool to leave us feeling bad or condemned but a tool that will excite us for what God has planned for us. God has more in store for us than we have at the moment. Our discipleship opens us up further to His work in and through our lives.

Small Groups

Use the Making Disciples workbook. Following an insightful seven-week course, this tool unpacks the user's strengths and gifts and ultimately helps people grow and develop as disciples of Jesus.


Use the Making Disciple workbook or online tool to fnd your discipleship shape. Content tailored to suit you helps you group and develop as a follower of Jesus.

Making Disciples for Churches

Making Disciples is an assessment tool to be used by any church to help grow and develop your congregation discipleship.

Joining your church community up to Making Disciples gives you as a church leader a unique opportunity to look at the whole shape of your church congregation. Many of us feel data poor on our congregation and this assessment tool gives us the ability to see into the health, commitment and development of our community.

As a church leader, you will see the overall discipleship shape of your community without seeing exact details of individuals. You will be able to pull the data apart to see how the shape varies between male and female, under 35 / over 35-year-olds and established and new Christians. This data then will allow you to make connections and conclusions going forwards to create a clear discipleship strategy for your church.

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