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Women and Discipleship - Discipling Young Women

The importance of discipleship of young women and the need to help them navigate how to live as a Christian woman in an increasingly secular society.

Fleur Tucker

I’m a woman in my early 50s.  Nothing makes me happier than hanging out with young women in their 20s.  The potential in them is endless!  Their energy is contagious.  They are often in situations that require them to make sound decisions that will influence the next decade of their lives.  Unlike younger teenagers, they know that they need others to help them grow spiritually into well-rounded people.  It brings me great joy and satisfaction to be invited to help them navigate how to live as a Christian woman in an increasingly secular society.



As a discipler, I have no authority to speak into anyone’s life without an established relationship in place.  I invest time and energy just becoming friends.  We have fun together; laughing and chatting.  Taking a genuine interest in people is very important to me.  I’m really careful to ensure that I’m not taking the role of expert, but of a fellow-explorer who just has a bit more experience as a Christian.  I’m happy to learn new things and see a situation from a new perspective. 


A biblical foundation

Practical issues such as study and career options, establishing healthy relationships, conflict resolution and how to read and apply the bible are things we talk about.  Getting these things right in your 20s really sets you up with a strong foundation for the rest of your life.  So, I see this time together as valuable.  I’ve raised my own children, been a Christian for a long time and had enough difficulties to feel that I’ve learned some things that might be helpful to a younger person.  It helps that they are open, asking questions and ready to grow. 


The issues we discuss are many and varied – but we always come back to what the Bible says about an issue.  I like to ask questions and explore a topic together, knowing that we may raise more questions than answers as we go, but that is healthy and part of the process in coming to a place of understanding.  Most of the time we’re out at a cafe, going on a walk, there might be a few of us at someone’s house or in these days of COVID 19, online in a Zoom meeting. 


Support through prayer

The best way I can support these women is through prayer.  I always ask if there is anything I can pray for between our meetings.  One of my first questions is about how our prayers changed things.  Sometimes we keep a record of our prayers so that we can look back and see what God has done over time.


I have found that I am encouraged as we meet.  I grow through the process too.  Discipling young women is very rewarding as I see genuine growth occur in the lives of people I care about.

Fleur is an Australian, living in New South Wales. She has served God in the church as a Pastor, planting a church with strong Recovery Groups and Pastoral Care. She's also found Jesus alive and well overseas and locally in her work at a Crisis Pregnancy Centre, in Prison Ministry, the education sector and as she speaks at various conferences and training days. She's the author of "Great Questions: a resource for people helpers" who loves to spend time with people who are open to change. She has been blessed with many best friends, three daughters and one husband.

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