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Apprentice To Jesus: 40 days of walking in the way

As we start to plan for life beyond 2020 we have a great new resource coming out perfect for churches wanting to see Lent 2021 used for discipleship. This 40 day journey through discipleship and spiritual formation gives the reader everything they need to grow in their knowledge and love of God, their daily practises to sustain their faith and challenges to activate the teaching of Jesus. The book works alongside Lent perfectly but can also be used at any time.

The book starts with you exploring the ‘Discipleship Assessment Tool’ and then each day the reader continues with a bible passage, spending some time with Jesus, a short discipleship thought and a challenge to activate the life of Christ. This book isn’t about learning more but apprenticing to the way of Jesus.

Why not preorder a copy and plan as a church to use it all together in 2021.

Order your copy here....

Women and Discipleship - Discipling Young Women

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