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If Jesus was Jewish, then why aren't we?

If Jesus was Jewish, then why aren't we?

Making Disicples

Michele Guinness helps us explore Jesus’ Jewish context and why we aren’t expected to now be Jews. We talk about Jewish festivals, first-century life and how this can help us read the Bible and understand it better. Brought up in a practising Jewish family, Michele Guinness worked for many years as a presenter, researcher and writer for national TV and radio, regularly contributing to Pause for Thought on BBC Radio 2. For two years she presented her own three-hour, daily lunchtime programme on BBC local radio in Coventry.

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Cris Rogers is a church leader at and director of Making Disciples. For more information check out

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Women and Discipleship - Discipling Young Women

The importance of discipleship of young women and the need to help them navigate how to live as a Christian woman in an increasingly secular society.

Fleur Tucker

Be discipled back to church.

Sadly for many of us, we have become discipled out of gathered church and discipled further into consumer church. How do we get back into the swing of things?

Cris Rogers

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