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MAKING DISCIPLES THE PODCAST IS HERE. A weekly 25min podcast to help in your spiritual formation.






A discipleship podcast for beginners, doubters, confused and long term established Christians. In this podcast, we talk about everything related to growing in faith but in a really simple way. We are honest with our struggles, learn from some wise people and hit some brick walls… a little bit like the original disciples.




To listen you can subscribe either through Apple Podcasts, Podbean or Stitcher and others. If you listen to podcasts on your phone simply search " Making Disciples The Podcast " in App to follow this podcast.

The podcast will come out weekly on a Monday early morning for your commute or to wash the dishes to.




For those who want the RSS feed :

Cris Rogers is a church leader in East London and has been described as a Urban Practical Theologian.

If Jesus was Jewish, then why aren't we?

If Jesus was Jewish, then why aren't we?

Making Disicples

Discipleship during Lock down

The Church has never had so much access to great online content about God, but what makes people part of your congregation is their connection with each other and with you — the way you live life with God together as people: discipleship.

Rev Benedict Atkins

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