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Should Young People Be Discipled?

Interview with Kyle McKinnon Director of Reign Ministeries

Kyle McKinnon

In this conversation, we talk about youth work and the importance of church leaders taking their young people into account.

Do young people live at the centre of our churches or on the edge?

Should the Church leader have anything to do with the Discipleship of their young people?

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Kyle became a follower of Jesus when he was a child, and that decision has had a major affect on his life. His father is a pastor, and so he moved around in the US, although he was able to spend 10 years in North Dakota and graduated from High School there. He went to Cedarville University, and it was during his first year, while participating on a Royal Servants mission trip, that God called him to the UK. He moved over to the UK in 2001 and met his wife here. Kyle Directs Reign Ministeries who are building and advancing the kingdom of God by developing youth and youth leaders.

If Jesus was Jewish, then why aren't we?

If Jesus was Jewish, then why aren't we?

Making Disicples

Discipleship during Lock down

The Church has never had so much access to great online content about God, but what makes people part of your congregation is their connection with each other and with you — the way you live life with God together as people: discipleship.

Rev Benedict Atkins

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